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Stock and Other Securities

A quick call to your broker is all it takes to designate a gift of stocks to UAF. Call and ask your broker to transfer the number of shares you wish to donate to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, via the brokerage firm below. (Note: Brokers should be instructed not to sell the securities the donor wished to transfer.)

E*Trade Financial - Account #: 5751-5792 / DTC # 0385 (PREFERRED-- lesser fees apply).

If you wish to give through Wedbush or Morgan Stanley, please contact the UAF Development Office.

IMPORTANT: Before a gift of stock is made, the following information should be sent via e-mail to Tammi Weaver at first:

•    Stock name
•    Number of shares being transferred and at what price (if available)
•    Donation goal (i.e., approximate dollar amount of intended donation)
•    Donor Name/Address/Phone
•    Purpose of donation (i.e., fund where gift is to be directed)
•    Estimated date of transfer

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