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Educational Outreach at the Georgeson Botanical Garden

Our goal is to provide hand's on educational experiences for all ages, from pre-school children to senior citizens.

GBG Volunteers
GBG volunteers spend anywhere from 1-100 hours working with our staff and learning about gardening in the far north. Often volunteers attend the Master Gardener class offered by Cooperative Extension before joining our team of skilled and learning gardeners. You will learn from others with many years of experience in gardening.

Plant Science Field Trips for Schools

Due to staff who have failed miserably to clone themselves, all field trips have been cancelled until further notice.
Number of participants: average 30 groups per year
The GBG sponsors educational field trips from May through the beginning of October on a diversity of subjects for children of all ages.

Greenhouse Field Trips

Like all other field trips, and because our greenhouses remain unfinished, we cannot offer field trips this year.
The old West Ridge greenhouse has been torn down, and we are still working out the bugs in the new houses.  Only half the space has environmental controls such as ventilation, heat, humidity. Therefore, our space is quite cramped right now.

Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium Mentoring

Number of participants: one student annually
This program provides for students to complete original research projects in association with a faculty mentor. The GBG supports this program by providing laboratory equipment, space, supplies and one-on-one mentoring for one student annually.

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