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      Events/reservations for summer 2015 have been canceled.

The Georgeson Botanical Garden is a great place to hold weddings, parties, luncheons and other events. Our outdoor season is May 15 through September 30. Keep in mind that the garden flowers are planted the week of June 1 and are good through frost (usually any time in the month of September). Because the Garden is a research and educational facility, there are constraints on some kinds of events, so please read the list below to make sure our facilities will meet your needs. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions: (907) 474-7222. Submit a garden reservation form to begin the process.

Users planning events such as weddings that are not University related (classes, school or department sponsored events), also must complete a Facilities Use Form. This form clarifies liability for activities and informs University emergency personnel of campus activities.

For your reservation, you get to use a beautiful garden and covered shelter for your event; use of the decks, bridges and gazebos; access to public gardens, walkways and grassy areas in the garden; mown lawns (weather permitting) and clean facilities. What you don't get is the Garden to yourself. The public is always welcome.

What you need to know:
Days of the week Luncheons, club meetings and small events may be scheduled in the Pavilion weekdays and Saturdays. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Events with more than 40 people may be scheduled after 6 p.m. and Saturdays (no Sunday events). Events in other parts of the garden are restricted to Saturdays and after 6 p.m.
Hours Events may be planned between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday (no Sunday events) following the restrictions listed above. The garden closes at 8 p.m., so all clean up must be completed before that time.
Holidays We do not schedule events during University holidays. Please contact us for exact dates.
Size of events We have a small parking lot, and for most events, we can accommodate about 100 guests. Parking is restricted along roadways, so we encourage large groups to carpool.
Parking A maximum of 40 cars can be accommodated at weekend events, 25 cars on weekdays. Pick up a parking map from the GBG Office (474-7222). You must have an attendant monitor parking so entrances and exits are not blocked and emergency vehicles can get through. Problems with parking may cause loss of the security deposit.  Google Parking Map (downloadable pdf).
Reservations Your reservation takes effect upon receipt of the completed and signed garden reservation form and the fee payment. We prefer a credit card payment but checks are possible (please make a copy for your records).
Credit Cards Soon we will have an online payment system, but for now, a hard copy of the authorization must be completed and submitted on your reservation form. For now, please call (907) 474-7222 to give us your credit card information.
Checks Local checks are acceptable and fees for the event will be deposited immediately upon receipt. Checks covering security deposits will be held and deposited or destroyed one week after the event. Date checks for the security deposit for the day of the event. Checks must be printed with a local address and telephone number, and you must include a valid driver's license number. Make checks payable to Georgeson Botanical Garden.
University Journal Vouchers Payment by journal voucher is possible for all university events. Please include a valid budget number on your reservation form.
Security deposit For weddings and other large public events, a $500 security deposit is required. Please see the accompanying list (Your responsibilities) to learn how to lose your security deposit. We will maintain photographic records of all violations. Please contact us to learn if your event will require a deposit. You will be contacted within one week by phone and/or email if the security deposit will be charged.
Cancellations/refunds A full refund is available if written notification is postmarked or hand delivered 30 or more days before your event; 50% refund from 14 - 29 days, and no refund from 0- 13 days before your scheduled event. All cancellations must be made by the person who made the original reservation, in writing, signed, dated, and delivered by mail or in person to K.R. Buchholz, Georgeson Botanical Garden, PO Box 757200, Fairbanks, AK 99775.
Fundraising events Fundraising events by other than GBG affiliates are not permitted.

We have one large Pavilion that accommodates up to 150 people and provides a rain shelter. There are 10 (seats 6) picnic tables and benches available. The benches are detached from the tables and may be arranged in rows. There are also picnic tables (benches attached) scattered around the garden that may be moved to accommodate events. All tables and benches must be returned to the original location after the event. There are several agencies in town that rent chairs for events. Please note, that vehicles are not permitted in the garden or on the lawns to unload chairs, tables, etc. They must be carried from the entrance.

The pavilion has electrical outlets at the base of each pillar on both north and south sides. Please ask us to show you where the electrical outlets are in the garden to accommodate microphones, amplifiers, computer stands, etc. Music is permitted for the duration of the event. Practice time, if needed, must fit within the reserved time for the event.

Additional tents may be used in the garden on designated grassy areas. Please contact us for dimensions and size of tents. Tents and support ropes cannot block walkways.

We have one propane barbecue available as long as you bring your own fuel tank. The grill and all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned after use.

There is one classroom in the visitor's center that can be used for wedding, event preparation if needed. Its use must be requested at the time of the reservation. All other rooms (with the exception of restrooms) in the visitor's center are off limits.

Restrooms There are two restrooms available inside the visitor's center and an accessible portable toilet to the east of the main entrance.
Trash Trash may be emptied into the dumpsters near the farm garage and barn (northwest corner of parking area and north of the barn). The dumpster near the barn is for paper recycling. Please separate paper, if possible. If they are full, trash must be taken to a borough transfer site or to dumpsters elsewhere on campus. No trash should be left piled beside the farm dumpsters.
Trains The Alaska Railroad has several trains that travel next to the Garden on a daily basis. For security reasons, they will not share their schedule with us, so we cannot plan events around their whistles. Events held on the deck near West Tanana Drive may be interrupted.
Food Catered events must use UAF Food Services unless a food waiver is obtained. Please complete and submit the Campus Food Form as soon as possible so approval is obtained well ahead of the event.
Alcohol The GBG is an alcohol-free environment. No alcohol allowed on the premises.
Fees Weddings and large public events cost $400 per event. This amount includes use of both the Pavilion and the Garden and, if needed, a rehearsal time (must be scheduled). Fees for all other events such as luncheons, picnics, memorials and others vary with the event and time of day. Minimum charge is $50 per hour including setup time. Please contact us for a quote for your event.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the following. Any one of these offenses will result in your $500 deposit being charged. Make sure the people you hire and friends/family who are assisting are well aware of these policies. The GBG attendant will contact campus police if violations occur during the event.

You may NOT:
• leave rented tents, chairs, etc. in the garden to be removed the next day,
• arrive earlier or stay later than the contract time,
• set up tents or decorate earlier than your rental contract time,
• pick flowers, branches, leaves, etc. or move planters, baskets for any reason,
• drive vehicles into the garden or on picnic area grass,
• deface any GBG structures, or put tacks, staples, nails in wooden structures, including the Rotary Pavilion, benches, children's garden gazebo, picnic tables, etc.
• damage any GBG garden areas,
• allow children to play in pond, throw rocks, climb trees, kick balls through the flower beds, or other similar behaviors, (notify your guests of these rules in particular). Children must be supervised at all times,
• leave trash anywhere in the Garden, Visitor's Center or surrounding grounds. Flower petals and rice for weddings are okay as long as they are cleaned from concrete surfaces after the event. All other trash must be deposited in the dumpsters located near the farm garage. If they are full, trash must be taken to another dumpster on campus or to a transfer station.
• bring pets to events except for service animals,
• leave spills and food crumbs on picnic tables and concrete surfaces; food and grease on propane barbecue,
• move tables, benches, etc. without returning them to their original place,
• have more than 40 cars in the parking lot on a Saturday and 25 cars on a week day,
park in areas not designated for parking on the provided map especially in areas that prevent emergency vehicle access and that block entrances and exits to the Fairbanks Experiment Farm and Botanical Garden,
• use any room, building or area not clearly specified in the above facilities.

Garden Reservation Form

Campus Food Form

Facilities Use Form


Georgeson Botanical Garden - P.O. Box 757200 - University of Alaska Fairbanks - Fairbanks, AK 99775 - (907) 474-7222