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KRB Kathleen Buchholz Administrative Assistant Kathleen Buchholz joined the botanical garden staff in 2009 and has transformed the front office into a well-organized program. She wears many hats from managing the GBG society membership to correspondence and keeping track of our budgets. Call the garden and you will meet Kathleen! (907) 474-7222. krbuchholz@alaska.edu. Contact.
KD Katie DiCristina Horticulturist Katherine DiCristina (Katie) joined the botanical garden in 2009 as horticultural assistant. She coordinates the day-to-day operations of the garden and works with our staff of great garden volunteers and student interns.
(907) 474-6921. kmdicristina@alaska.edu. Contact
psh Patricia Holloway Professor of Horticulture, Director Dr. Patricia S. Holloway (Pat) began the Georgeson Botanical Garden in 1989 and is its director as well as Professor of Horticulture, Department of High Latitude Agriculture at UAF. She is interested in everything horticulture, especially propagation and cultivation of Alaska native plants. Her main programs currently are propagating native plants from seeds and cuttings; cultivation and antioxidant identification of wild blueberries and lingonberries; and a special program on cultivation of field grown peonies for export markets. (907) 474-6686. psholloway@alaska.edu. Contact
GEM Grant Matheke Horticulturist Grant E.M. Matheke retired April 30, 2014 after a long and productive career at the GBG. He helped develop the Garden back in 1989 and is the backbone behind the construction and landscape management of the garden. He is an expert at growing sweet corn and just about everything else from alyssum to zucchini. He designed, implemented and statistically analyzed many of our research projects. He was responsible for nearly every flower bed, irrigation pipe, deck, rock wall and pathway in the garden. Look for his name on many, many publications released through the garden.
ja James Auer MS Graduate 2008 Jim completed a Master's Degree in Resource Economics by completing a study of harvesting and post harvest management of peony cut flowers as well as analyzing the wholesale peony markets. His research now supports the first every horticultural export industry in Alaska! He now works as an economic analyst for the State of Montana.
TBu Tina Buxbaum MS Graduate 2011 Tina Buxbaum just completed a Master's degree in Natural Resources Management. She became quite proficient at catching bumble bees and other potential pollinators of bog blueberry. Her research is on the pollination biology of this important wild berry to learn methods of improving pollinators for wild stand enhancement or field cultivation for increased berry yield. She finished in spring 2011.
ND Amy "Nikki" Davis Demers MS Graduate, 2002 Nikki completed her Master's Degree by studying the pollination biology of lingonberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea. She compiled a list of the most important pollinators and examined the importance of wind and buzz pollination on fruit set. She now lives with her husband and two children in Healy, Alaska.
tg Thomas Gallagher

Landscape Architect, Professor of Resource Planning

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Gallagher was a Professor in the School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. He led the design team that made the first blueprints for the Garden in 1989. Tom was great at helping us envision the "big picture" and gave us the foundation upon which to develop a wonderful Garden. He now lives in Oregon and is Director of the Ford Family Foundation, Ford Institute for Community Building.
eg Etta Gardiner Greenhouse Manager Etta Gardiner was our volunteer greenhouse manager. She watered, re-potted, fertilized, sowed seeds, scrubed floors, swatted fungus gnats, and basically was responsible for keeping our greenhouse in top working order. She maintained the plant collection in meticulous health and order.
JH Janice Hanscom

2000- 2009

Jan worked for the Garden from 2000 to 2009. She managed the day-to-day operations of the garden, worked with volunteers and developed many children's programs at the Garden. Many of her ideas and designs are now permanent fixtures of the Babula Children's Garden. She worked tirelessly with 4-H and the Junior Master Gardener Program. She retired in 2009 and is now a peony grower and continues her volunteer work for the Garden and
  Debbie Brown Hinchey MS Graduate 1985 Debbie was the first Master's student to graduate under the direction of Dr. Pat Holloway. She completed an economic analysis of the greenhouse industry in Alaska, the first one compiled since the 1940s! She owns her own business, Debbie's Horticultural Services and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
  Paul "Chris" McKee MS Graduate 2004 Chris completed his Masters working on a survey of the exotic plants along roadways and trails in the Wrangel-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska. He made lists of weedy species and cataloged their encroachment on wild vegetation. He now works for the Federal Office of Subsistence Management, Anchorage.
  Rehanon Pampel MS Graduate 2010 Rehanon worked full time at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and completed her Master's Degree in 2010 cataloging the 28 species of bumble bee species found near farm fields in Alaska, and searching for Nosema in wild populations. She is now living in Texas.
OR Ouina Rugledge MS Graduate 1994 Ouina completed her Master's degree and conducted research on wildflower seed mixes, both exotic and native wildflowers for Alaska home and commercial landscapes. She is currently Renewable Resources Manager for the City of McAllen, Texas.
  Patricia Wagner



Pat worked at the Garden from its beginning in 1989 and was part of the design team that developed the first garden beds and pathways. She carried out many research projects with Grant Matheke and developed the design plans and bed layouts for the annual flower display gardens. Look for her name on many publications, especially flower and vegetable variety trials.
  Catherine Wright MS Graduate 1990 Cathy completed her Master's degree in 1990 and worked on the micropropagation of Amelanchier alnifolia and two species of native willows from dormant tissues. Cathy spent many years as horticulturist at the Alaska Plant Materials Center and now lives with her family in Houston, Texas.

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